10 Offbeat Things to Do in Goa: Check Activities

A holiday in Goa is definitely one for the bucket list! A Goa trip with buddies, family or even that special someone promises magical memories intermingled with ample excitement and adventure. This beach destination has several attractions for visitors but if you wish to venture off the beaten track, you’ll be pleasantly surprised! There are some really unusual things to do in Goa that you can try. You can take a break from your regular itinerary of beach hopping and partying to indulge in some of these fun activities. Here’s a look at the 10 offbeat things to do in Goa.

1. Capturing colorful Butterflies

Capturing colorful Butterflies

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Did you know that Goa is home to a beautiful butterfly conservatory? This is located at Ponda and makes for a splendid experience. You will definitely experience a rush of happiness when you see hordes of colorful butterflies flying around. You can also feed them with fresh fruits and watch the arduous process of nectar gathering. You will find several budget hotels in Goa near Ponda that offer hassle-free stay.

2. Visiting Spice Plantation

Visiting Spice Plantation

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Take a trip to the beautiful spice plantations in Goa for that heady aroma of fresh spices. Sahakari Spice Farm and Savoi Plantations are worth visiting, and the added bonus? You get to play with majestic elephants, bathe them or even sit on their backs!

3. Crab Catching

Crab Catching

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Catching a crab is harder than you think! If you are ready to get dirty, venture out on a crab catching expedition with homemade Kobblem nets. Make traps for crabs and catch them anywhere on the sea coast or backwaters. There are several tours which take place in this regard. You can consider hotels in Goa near popular beaches to indulge in this fun activity.

4. Backwater Kayaking

Backwater Kayaking

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Goa has beautiful rivers and backwaters that many don’t explore. If you’re into adventure sports and kayaking seems your thing, feel free to indulge in the same on the Nerul/Mandovi rivers or the Sal and Zuari backwaters.

5. Wine Tasting

Wine Tasting

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Grape Escapade is the largest wine fest in India and is held in Goa (where else!). This is an annual stop for party lovers in the country and you can enjoy awesome wine tasting sessions in gorgeous and serene surroundings.

6. Discovering Underwater Shipwrecks

Discovering Underwater Shipwrecks

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Yes, it’s straight out of a pirate novel; Goa was under Portuguese rule for over 450 years and shipwrecks were frequent since the sea was the primary transportation channel. You can book out of the world scuba diving experiences in Goa and take guided tours of underwater shipwrecks. If this isn’t exciting, then what is?

7. Getting up-close to Crocodiles

Getting up-close to Crocodiles

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Goa has one of the biggest crocodile populations in the country and you can spend some time watching these magnificent beasts laze around and waltz in their natural habitats. Most of these aquatic predators can be seen in the dense jungle near Cumbarjua canal. Book crocodile sighting trips with local operators and have the most thrilling time of your life!

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