2024’s Best Cheap Travel Destinations Around the Globe

There are many factors to consider when planning a vacation, from finding cheap places to travel and the safety of your intended destination to hotel options. But like it or not, there’s one thing that influences our travel decisions more than anything else: money. All those resort fees, plane tickets, and life-changing meals add up pretty quickly—so at the end of the day, we really want to prioritize places where our greenbacks have the most spending power.

We did a little digging to find the countries where the U.S. dollar goes the furthest, based on current exchange rates. And while our fickle global economy means those rates can change at any time, certain places have consistently offered more bang for our buck over the years—and, fingers crossed, they should stay that way well into 2024.

Table of Contents

1. Costa Rica

1 USD = 525.96 CRC

The Costa Rican colón has depreciated a bit in recent months, but it remains favorable for US travelers. Then there’s the fact that the country’s best asset (i.e. its natural beauty) is mostly free to enjoy. From trekking through the tropical cloud forests in the mountains of Alajuela to surfing off the coast of Peninsula Papagayo, Costa Rica is one of the world’s best countries for outdoor adventure. (And the hotels are pretty great, too.)

2. Brazil

1 USD = 4.94 BRL

Like much of South America, Brazil is a good place to visit if you don’t want to break the bank. But the fact that a dollar gets you nearly five Brazilian reals means you can get even better value than usual. Rio de Janeiro is the most obvious place to spend time and money, with incredible restaurants—like Lasai, a 2023 Hot List winner—just steps away from some of the world’s best beaches. But don’t forget to visit São Paulo, too, where a younger generation has introduced hip galleries, museums, and bars to several long-neglected neighborhoods.

3. Hungary

1 USD = 351.21 HUF

Hungary’s favorable economy is great news for anyone planning a trip to Budapest, where a growing scene of Michelin-starred restaurants and high-tech spas are calling to us from across the globe. The city just celebrated its 150th anniversary in November 2023, which means there are even more reasons to visit during the next calendar year, including the newly reopened Chain Bridge and the brand-new House of Music Hungary. Be sure to book a room at the art deco W Budapest—formerly a palace and on a UNESCO World Heritage-listed Street—which opened in July 2023 opposite the Hungarian State Opera.

4. Vietnam

1 USD = 24,275.00 VND

Plenty of countries in Southeast Asia are great deals for dollar carriers right now, but we recommend a trip to Vietnam—in part because of the steadily increasing exchange rate, but mostly for the country’s mind-blowing beauty. Hanoi is arguably the most romantic city in the region, but don’t be afraid to venture off the beaten track during your next visit: Places like Ninh Van Bay and Phú Quốc island have pristine beaches and intimate resorts you won’t find in the more touristed areas.

5. India

1 USD = 83.04 INR

India has always been a cheap travel destination; now that you can get 83 rupees to the dollar, however, the country is more affordable than ever. Hotels run the gamut from $60-per-night bungalows to pricy Oberoi and Six Senses outposts, plus hundreds of options in between. But as long as you don’t hole up in your resort the entire time, you can visit plenty of attractions and dine at local restaurants on an extremely tight budget.

6. North Macedonia

1 USD = 56.44 MKD

Perhaps it’s because the coastal countries get all the attention, but North Macedonia remains one of the most criminally underrated (and therefore affordable) countries in Europe. The landlocked nation is a sleeper hit for those in the know, especially if you head to the charming city of Ohrid. It has all the cobbled streets and quaint churches one would expect from a European town, with the added advantage of being right on the shores of the incredibly gorgeous and biodiverse Lake Ohrid.

7. Albania

1 USD = 93.95 ALL

Albania is much less expensive than other European countries—and it’s a bit under the radar as a tourist destination, which means there’s still a chance to visit before the word gets out and the crowds descend. One of the most enticing reasons to plan a trip is the food: Picture tables filled with rosemary-scented lamb, tart mountain cheeses, blackened sea bass, and bottles of fruit juices. In Tirana, book a stay at Agrotourism Gjepali, a restaurant turned hotel with river views and doubles starting at just $70.

Final thoughts

Finding destinations that offer both affordability and memorable experiences is key. Whether you’re a backpacker on a budget or a family looking for an economical vacation, there are numerous destinations around the world that won’t drain your savings.