7 Offbeat Weekend Getaways near Mumbai That You Must Visit

In continuation with our Offbeat Weekend Getaways near Delhi blog, here’re the lesser-known weekend getaways near Mumbai. Hope you’ll like it. 

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  • Offbeat Weekend Getaways near Mumbai
    • 1. Kamshet (110 km)
    • 2. Kolad (117 km) 
    • 3. Jawhar (141 km) 
    • 4. Sandhan Valley (183 km) 
    • 5. Diveagar-Shrivardhan-Harihareshwar (190 km) 
    • 6. Harnai-Anjarle (238 km) 
    • 7. Saputara (250 km)

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1. Kamshet

Kamshet | Offbeat Weekend Getaways near Mumbai

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Easily accessible from Mumbai, Kamshet promises unique experiences for visitors with its quaint charm and natural beauty. You will find yourself falling in love with its picturesque villages and their traditional thatched houses. Kamshet is also a favorite amongst trekkers and paragliding lovers and is located just 16 km away from Lonavala. Trek to the famous Kondeshwar Temple and further across the mesmerizing ghats. Take a paragliding journey or simply wander through the ancient Karla, Bedse and Bhaja caves.

  • How to Reach: Kamshet has its own railway station on Mumbai – Chennai line. You can also drive down from Mumbai (on Mumbai-Pune Highway) or access private/state buses.
  • Best Time to Visit: Winters and summers are the best time to visit owing to its slippery terrain during the monsoon.
  • Expenditure: 4K to 5K per person

2. Kolad  

Kolad | Offbeat Weekend Getaways near Mumbai

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Kolad is a charming village located in Raigad, on the banks of the River Kundalika. It is an offbeat attraction for trekkers and adventure enthusiasts who wish to try white water river rafting. Attractions that can be explored while in Kolad include Tamhini Waterfalls and Kuda Caves.

  • How to Reach: Kolad can be reached in around 3 hours’ drive from Mumbai via SH 92. You can also take private/state buses. Kolad also has its own railway station.
  • Best Time to Visit: June-March is the best time to visit Kolad and the monsoons are absolutely delightful here!
  • Expenditure: 3K to 4K per person (including rafting) Read also about waterfalls in Mumbai

3. Jawhar

Jawhar | Offbeat Weekend Getaways near Mumbai

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Jawhar offers you a magnificent weekend, amidst the lofty Sahyadris. Formerly a tribal kingdom, it has beautifully managed to hold onto its cultural identity. You will love the Shirpamal Palace for its architectural splendor along with witnessing the artistic diligence of Warli paintings. Capture the scenic beauty here with the majestic hills, abundant greenery and awe-inspiring Dhabosa waterfall in the backdrop.

  • How to Reach: Jawhar is 76 km from Igatpuri Railway Station and 80 km from Nashik Railway Station. You can also drive down from Mumbai or take state transport buses on the Kasara-Khodala route.
  • Best Time to Visit: October to February since the weather is cool, pleasant and there is minimal rainfall.
  • Expenditure: 4K to 5K per person

4. Sandhan Valley

Sandhan Valley | Offbeat Weekend Getaways near Mumbai

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Sandhan Valley is a fabulous offbeat getaway for trekking enthusiasts and climbers. Experience the sheer thrill of venturing into the Valley of Shadows and enjoy the spectacular views all around. You can try rappelling and moonlight camping, which is an out of the world experience for sure!

  • How to Reach: The trek for Sandhan Valley begins from Samrad Village, which is around 80 km from Kasara. There are frequent jeeps running between Kasara and Samrad Village.
  • Best Time to Visit: November-March
  • Expenditure: 3K to 4K per person

5. Diveagar-Shrivardhan-Harihareshwar

Diveagar-Shrivardhan-Harihareshwar | Offbeat Weekend Getaways near Mumbai

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This is as good a slice of Konkan coast as you will find! Harihareshwar, Shrivardhan and Diveagar are truly untapped destinations with some gorgeous beaches. While the former two are known more for their beaches and seaside resorts, Harihareshwar is famous for an old Shiva Temple. If you’re lucky, you can spot a few turtles and dolphins here!

  • How to Reach: The nearest railway station to Diveagar is in Mangaon (48 km) and you can drive down directly or take state-run buses. Shrivardhan and Harihareshwar are located 23 km and 37 km away from Diveagar, respectively. You can drive down the coastal road for beautiful views!
  • Best Time to Visit: October to March is the ideal time if you really wish to experience fabulous weather!
  • Expenditure: 5K to 6K per person

6. Harnai-Anjarle

Harnai-Anjarle | Offbeat Weekend Getaways near Mumbai

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Harnai-Anjarle is truly a virgin destination with some lovely beaches which are serene and offer ample scope for relaxation. You can just be away from the madding crowd and even spot a dolphin or two here! There are frenetic fish auctions held here and you can land a great catch as well! There is also an ancient fort and Ganesha temple that are must visit.

  • How to Reach: You can access Harnai-Anjarle via Dapoli by road and the nearest railway station is Khed, which is located 40 km away. This can be accessed by crossing the Jog river estuary.
  • Best Time to Visit: October-March
  • Expenditure: 4K to 5K per person

7. Saputara

Saputara | Offbeat Weekend Getaways near Mumbai

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Saputara is a pretty hill station that lies amidst the lush green Dang forest on the second highest plateau in the Western Ghats or Sahyadri Range. At an altitude of 1000 m, it offers amazing forest and hill views along with exciting treks and adventure sports. You can go trekking to Sunder Kund and Sangam or camp at Vansda National Park. Take the thrilling ropeway till Sunset Point or go mountain biking/paragliding at the famous Governor’s Hill.

  • How to Reach: The closest railway station is Waghai, which is approximately 50 km away. You can also drive down through Nashik. There are several buses plying on this route from Mumbai.
  • Best Time to Visit: October-February
  • Expenditure: 5K to 6K per person

Weekends are like a breath of fresh air after hectic working weeks jam-packed with professional tasks, commuting, home routines and what not! Why not make your next weekend livelier with a short trip to any of these offbeat getaways and book hotel in Mumbai? Not only will this help you truly unwind, it will also broaden your horizons. So, it’s time to quit making excuses; get in a car and drive down to these spectacular places and give yourself a relaxing weekend like no other!  

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