7 Things to do in Chennai this Weekend

When it comes to weekend trips in South India, there are plenty of hill stations and offbeat destinations that will cure your wanderlust. However, if you are headed to a city like Chennai, you can not only explore its quaint tourist attractions (and the popular Marina Beach) but can also experience its nightlife, good old vegetarian restaurants and … Read more

Things to Do in Jaipur on Weekend with Updated

A weekend in Jaipur can never go dull. Whether you are a history lover, foodie or shopaholic, there’s a lot to do and experience in the city. The best part about spending a weekend in Jaipur is that you won’t have to use any leaves to take an off. So, what are you waiting for? … Read more

Things to Do in Hyderabad this Weekend with Activity 

We agree that the long office hours during the weekdays can be quite frustrating. But then you get the sweet relief of the weekends. Well, if you belong to a city like Hyderabad or are here for a vacation on the weekend, be prepared to be amazed by what the city has to offer. There … Read more

Things to Do in Pune This Weekend with Updated Activity

Pune, the ‘Cultural Capital’ of Maharashtra has witnessed the rise and fall of several dynasties. Once the pride of the Marathas, Pune is now a thriving metropolis that has no shortage of places to keep you on your toes while you are here. If you are planning to explore the city on a coming Saturday … Read more

Best Places to Visit in Summer in India: From Hills

When summer dawns upon the Indian subcontinent, a sense of wanderlust fills the air. It is the perfect time to explore the rich tapestry of cultures, colours, and landscapes that India has to offer. From pristine beaches to misty mountain retreats, this mesmerizing country has something for everyone. So, get ready because we are about … Read more

Cleanest Cities in India 2024 to Explore and Admire

A dirty city can be uninviting and hence a huge turn-off for tourism. Imagine visiting the iconic Taj Mahal, but to reach the World Heritage Site, you pass by streets laden with foul-smelling garbage. After the experience, would you encourage others to plan a visit to Agra? Probably not! Thus, cleanliness is vital for cities … Read more

Indian Destinations Safe for Solo Women

Have you noticed how every other guy we know is going on solo trips but how many women around us are doing that? Not many. Reason? They just don’t feel safe, especially wandering alone in India. While most of their fears are justified, a little exaggeration also works a long way. There’s too much beauty … Read more

Traditional Souvenirs to Buy in 7 Indian States

India has always been an exciting melting pot of different cultures and traditions, thanks to its massive size and geographical diversity. In fact, each of the 29 states here has something unique to offer to travellers, in terms of landscape, history, heritage, cuisine, and even souvenirs. And since shopping for souvenirs is an important part … Read more

Top Women Travel Groups in India That You can Travel with

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