Water Parks in Lucknow: Amusement Parks, Timing

What do you think of when summer is around the corner? Ice cream, iced tea, shorts, tank tops and everything that’s going to keep you cool, right? Another way to beat the heat and enjoy summer to the fullest is visiting water parks, especially if you are living in a city like Lucknow. Cooling off in the summer heat without compromising on fun and frolic makes you nothing short of a genius, you see!  So, say goodbye to summer cabin fevers and head straight to a popular water park in Lucknow.

In Lucknow, the capital city of Uttar Pradesh, summers can reach extreme temperatures. If you stay in Lucknow or are planning to visit this gorgeous city during summer, worry not! The city’s theme parks, with an exciting array of water activities, will make sure that you have a great time and can cool off. Here’s a rundown of five popular water parks in Lucknow.

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1. Nilansh Water Park, Lucknow

Nilansh Water Park | Lucknow

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Nilansh Water Park in Lucknow is a gorgeous theme park, encompassed in 22 acres, containing beautifully landscaped gardens, food lounges, souvenir shops, rain dance floors, rides and slides, and (hold your breath) a private beach and a lake in the premises! The park has something for all age groups, and the rides and slides here will leave you spoilt for choice. Not only is it the first Day and Night Park in Uttar Pradesh, it also houses the largest single water pool in the state and the city’s largest tube slide.

The theme park has various packages, such as Picnic Package, Corporate Package, Holiday Package and School Package, and you can choose the one that best suits your preferences. Play stations, tube slides, body slides, family slides, dance floors, dance roofs, and wave zones – you name it and the park has it. Whether you are going there with your big fat family or your tribe of crazy friends, you can be sure that everyone leaves happy and satisfied.

2. Amrapali Water Park, Lucknow

Amrapali Water Park, Lucknow

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Looking for some adventure? Hit the road and start driving to Amrapali Water Park Lucknow. Offering a fascinating range of adrenaline-rushing rides and a whole variety of fun activities, this park will definitely leave you thrilled. With a non-stop DJ playing the whole day, this is the perfect place for youngsters who want to party hard and play harder during hot summer days.

And guess what? Amrapali has the highest number of water slides in Lucknow, so you can slide your heart out at this amazing park. Some of the major water rides you must try are the Float Slide, Black Hole, Aqua Trail and Crazy Cruise. From high-thrill rides to gentle slides, restaurants to video game parlors, this place has it all.

3. Dream World Water Park, Lucknow

Dream World Water Park, Lucknow

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Dream World Water Park Lucknow is India’s first indoor water park and the second of its kind in the whole of Asia. And yes, you heard us right, indoor it is! True to its name, this is a place where you can turn your dreams into reality. Along with the water park located within 22 acres of land, Dream World offers a variety of other options like video game parlors, amusement park, multi-cuisine restaurants, go-karting, boating, and DJ halls, all of which guarantee you a day full of entertainment.

Play Pan, Family Slide and Giant Slide of 54″ are some of the must-try slides here. Aqua Tube of 32″ and Mini Slide of 32″ will also keep you entertained while your little ones can have a fun time at some of the kiddie rides, including Floating Turtle and Floating Dolphin.

Dream World also has huge lawns which you can book in advance for throwing a party. Whether it is your child’s birthday party, your anniversary or just a party to have a good time and celebrate life, this is your go-to destination.

4. Four Seasons Fun City Water Park, Lucknow

Four Seasons Fun City Water Park, Lucknow

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Whether you are feeling extremely hot or simply want to experience snow, Four Seasons Fun City Water Park in Lucknow is the place to be! Located just a few kilometers away from the city within an enormous area of 30 acres, Fun City is the first in Uttar Pradesh to offer a ‘snow park’. The snow is approximately four to five feet deep, and you can spend your day rolling on the snow, building a snowman or throwing snowballs at each other.

This park also offers various adventurous water rides that might leave you a little woozy. Some major twister rides here are not for the weak hearted; however, for those who are looking for some excitement and want to go crazy, this park is sure to create some lasting memories.  Some of the must-try rides and slides include Float Slide, Jet Splash, Multi Cruise, Family Slide, Play Pen, and Crazy Cruise. The most popular attraction in the park, however, is the Racing Reverse Multi-Lane Slide. The dance floor and the music played by DJs will add more zing to your summer days.  

5. Anandi Water Park, Lucknow

Anandi Water Park, Lucknow

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When something has been around for long, you know that there is something special about it. And this goes true for Anandi Water Park in Lucknow as well. Built in 2002, Anandi is one of the most visited parks in the city. Consisting of a total of 32 rides, each offering you a spike in your adrenaline rush, the place guarantees an exciting summer experience to thrill-seekers of all age groups. Aqua trails or floaters, family rides or wave pools, Anandi will redefine your idea of fun and frolic in its own way. Read also – Best time to visit in Lucknow

The best is yet to come! The park offers special packages and offers to visitors. Enjoy with your spouse and kids by choosing the Picnic Package, have a fun time with your colleagues by opting for the Corporate Package or choose from School, Group, Wedding or Party packages – the choice is yours. Swimsuits, lockers and delicious snacks are included in your entry fee so you can lock away your valuables and have a fun-filled and carefree day at the park.  

Lucknow is not only a place for great kebabs. Once you visit these parks, they are all you will be able to talk about. Now that you know what these parks offer, what are you waiting for? Book a hotel in Lucknow, pack your swimsuits, throw on some sunscreen and head to one of these amazing parks to beat the heat and have a day full of adventure, fun, and laughter. Happy sliding!

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