7 Things to do in Chennai this Weekend

When it comes to weekend trips in South India, there are plenty of hill stations and offbeat destinations that will cure your wanderlust. However, if you are headed to a city like Chennai, you can not only explore its quaint tourist attractions (and the popular Marina Beach) but can also experience its nightlife, good old vegetarian restaurants and more.

In this blog, we are telling you about all the amazing things to do in Chennai this weekend or whichever weekend you choose to head to Chennai.

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1. Chase Sunsets on Different Beaches Everyday

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This is one activity that is so underrated yet so satisfying. And when in Chennai, there are plenty of places where you can chase sunsets. Start with the beautiful Covelong beach. While this beach is popular for its adventure sports, it is mostly secluded and doesn’t see a swarm of tourists, making it excellent for beach picnics, peaceful strolls or a session of watching sunrise and sunsets. Read also – Beaches in Chennai

Of course, if you don’t find the time to visit Covelong beach, there is always the longest beach in India – Marina beach awaiting you throughout the weekend. Apart from watching sunset and sunrise here, you can also indulge in seafood or explore the aquarium located at the far end of the beach.

2. Start your mornings right with Freshly Brewed Filter Coffee

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If there were guides on things to do in Chennai this weekend, having filter coffee would have topped the list. And when in Chennai, you get the best version of coffee, famous all over the world.

For people who don’t care about the ambiance and just want that strong aroma of the coffee, stop at Madras Coffee House. Having plenty of outlets in the city, this iconic chain is a no-nonsense center where everyone comes to get their daily fix of caffeine. Plus, it opens at 6 AM in the morning so you can grab a cuppa before you start exploring the entire city.

If you are looking for more than just a hot cup of coffee, and prefer a place where you can sit and catch up with friends, there are several other cafes in the city such as Wild Garden Cafe, The Brew Room, and Cafe Mercara Express.

3. Go for Night Safari at Madras Crocodile Bank

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The Madras Crocodile Bank has been an eminent part of every local’s life. A one of its kind sanctuary, this place is perfect for discovering rare species of crocodiles and alligators. While you can always visit the bank during the weekdays, reserve your Sunday nights for a safari of the sanctuary. Yes, if there is one thing to do in Chennai on weekends, it would be signing up for a night safari of the crocodile bank.

4. Spend a day in Mylapore Unearthing Legends and Folklore

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From legendary tails to mythic stories, this quaint village of Mylapore, teeming with artisans and craftsmen, have managed to preserve the ancient heritage of Chennai.

You can spend a day exploring this beautiful heritage town and soak in the culture of the place or simply go for the famous Peacock Trail. No, you might not spot peacocks here but you will get a chance to discover plenty of old traditions and customs. Every street and wall has a story to tell, and if you look close enough, you are sure to find them.

5. Try a Catamaran Boat Ride

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If normal boating is too mainstream for the adventurer in you, we recommend going for a Catamaran Boat ride. Imagine yourself in an open catamaran boat in the vast Bay of Bengal. And, the thrill only becomes more obvious when you jump into the sea in the middle of your journey to take a few quick dips.

Also, finish this experience with a Pina Colada by the beach.

6. Visit the Ruins of Alamparai Fort

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Open 24 hours, this ancient fortress speaks of the glorious past of our country. While most of the fort is in ruins, you can spend an entire day just walking through our history. Standing by the sea, the Alamparai Fort was built by the Mughals and is a rare find in South India. 

Located en route ECR, you can go for a long drive as well. It leads to Pondicherry, and so, going for a road trip from Chennai to Pondicherry is a good idea.

7. Immerse yourself in the Folklore of South at Dakshinachitra 

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To discover and know more about the arts, music, and dance of South India, you just need to spend one day at Dakshinachitra. Colorful costumes, splendid huts and an entire center bustling with activity, this place is spread over 10 acres and each inch of the place has something new and intriguing to offer you. Some of the highlights of this place are village artisans, regular folk performances and heritage huts.

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