Kashmir Unexplored: Discover Offbeat Experiences in 2024

Nowadays the words ‘offbeat’ and ‘unexplored’ are used very cursorily. I’ve seen places like Gulmarg, Sonmarg, and Pahalgam being included in the list of offbeat places to visit in Kashmir, India. These places are visited by lakhs of tourists every year since decades! So, when we got a chance to do a true ‘Offbeat Kashmir’ tour, we decided that we will make a genuine list of ‘Unexplored places in Kashmir’.

Top Places For Your Offbeat Kashmir Itineraries


Located 90 kms away from Srinagar, the picturesque Daksum meadows are a spectacular place for those looking for a quiet escape in nature.

Things To Do At Daksum

Visit the spectacular Sinthan Top for a panoramic view of the surrounding meadows. Explore Rajparian Wildlife Sanctuary, home to the majestic Kashmir Stag, known locally as hangul. Enjoy walks through the stunning meadows and surrounding pine forests. Feast on trout, the local delicacy.


Waterfall at Yusmarg

Rumoured to be a place visited by Jesus Christ, this scenic hill station is a quiet town with scenic surroundings, located 55 kilometres away from Srinagar.

Things To Do At Yusmarg

Yusmarg is a popular spot for trekkers, and many well established trekking routes start from here. You will also be able to find many opportunities for adventure sports like bungee jumping and rafting nearby.


Bangus Valley from Crown of Kashmir Viewpoint

The mesmerising Bangus Valley offers a pristine environment for nature lovers, with a spectacular array of wildlife.

Things To Do At Bangus

Bangus Valley is a relatively uninhabited area of the western side of Kashmir, and is a great place for trekking, camping and wildlife spotting.


Kalaroos Caves At Lolab Valley

The stunning Lolab Valley is a spectacular part of Kashmir that is relatively unexplored, with vast orchards, dense forests and sacred springs.

Things To Do At Lolab

This spectacular valley is rumoured to be the resting place of the venerated saint Kashyapa, and a shrine is regularly visited by pilgrims. The Gauri and Lavnag springs are popular springs said to have sacred properties. The Kalaroos caves are an interesting ancient ruin, with tales of a secret ancient cave that leads to Russia.


Athwatoo Resort

A spectacular meadow a mere 11 kilometres from the town of Bandipora, Athwatoo is a resort area for those looking for a luxurious experience with spectacular scenic views.

Things To Do At Athwatoo

Enjoy spectacular Kashmiri cuisine at one of the many resorts here, with trout caught fresh from the glacial river Madhumati. Enjoy scenic walks in the mesmerising meadows. Visit the spot where the Prophet Moses is believed to have rested during his visit to Kashmir.


Meadows at Doodhpathri
Meadows at Doodhpathri

A spectacular meadow that stretches over 65 square kilometres, Doodhpathri is a favourite with Bollywood directors, being the scene of many iconic song sequences. 

Things To Do At Doodhpathri

The stunning meadows of Doodhpathri are a spectacular place for scenic walks and admiring the wealth of flowers during spring and summer. The famous Tosamaidan is a popular meadow for its historical significance in India’s military history.

Final Thoughts

If you have more days, you could add few places that we mentioned earlier such as Gurez valley or include a night stay around Wular lake. You could also plan to spend couple of nights in places like Doodhpathri or Yusmarg rather than one allowing you to have a little more relaxed trip. In case you are strapped for time, you could consider bucketing above listed places across different trips. For example Achabal – Kokernag – Verinag – Daksum could be 2-3 days trip, Yusmarg – Doodhpathri could be combined into one trip of 3-5 days, Bangus – Lolab could be combined into another trip, Athwatoo can be covered with Gurez valley in a separate trip. Based on how much time you have, you can use above information to curate your own itinerary.

The real beauty of Kashmir lies in these above-mentioned quaint little spots that have still managed to stay hidden from the travellers who frequent the union territory. We have unlocked these places with a hope that you, as a reader and a traveller, will treat these destinations with respect, shower them with the care they deserve, and keep them clean. All these places can be reached in a few hours’ time from Srinagar.

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