Places to Visit in India for a Summer Vacation

Despite the relentless heat prevailing in most parts of the country, India still has a lot of places that are perfect for a summer vacation. Be it a weekend getaway with friends and family or a week-long solo trip, you will find the best spots to visit in summer. But it may be a difficult … Read more

7 Best Places to Visit in India Between June and July

India, with its diverse landscapes and rich cultural heritage, offers the best holiday destinations in India to explore during June and July. From the scenic hill stations in the Himalayas to the lush tea estates in the South, there are plenty of options for travelers seeking a memorable summer getaway. Whether you’re looking for adventure, natural beauty, … Read more

Offbeat Things to Do in East India: Unusual Activities, Location

Northeast India is an entirely different world from the mainstream India and is one of the least explored regions in the country. The secluded geographical location has caused the Northeast to be loosely connected with the happenings of the rest of the country. This is one of many reasons that there is always an air … Read more