Best Travel Blogs To Follow In 2024

Creating a travel blog is a great way to document your travel experiences and adventures, while making money online. To achieve success, you might want to explore the websites of experienced, well-established travel experts and adopt their best practices. In this post, we’ve gathered 16 outstanding examples of travel blogs that have it all: beautiful visuals, valuable tips, monetization strategies, and approaches to growing a loyal community.

1. The World Travel Guy

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The World Travel Guy is a blog started in 2019 by a Bali-based world traveler named David and his wife Intan. David has been traveling the world full time for 8 years and counting, and he’s solo travelled to almost every country in Asia, Central America, and the Middle East. 

Some of the bucket list experiences you can read about on his blog include things like the Everest Base Camp trek in Nepal, the pyramids of Giza in Egypt, the Machu Picchu ruins in Peru, and the Komodo islands in Indonesia.

The blog is regularly updated with guides, tips, photos, and videos of scenic destinations around the world, and all of it is based on David’s personal experience in his international travels.

2. We Seek Travel homepage

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We Seek Travel is an adventurous travel blog curated by Olly. For over five years, he’s been immersed in full-time travel, chronicling his thrilling escapades, including hiking, exploring waterfalls, and discovering hidden wonders around the world.

Along with his partner, Haylea, Olly has embarked on incredible adventures, from sailing Australia’s scenic east coast and building an RV to climbing the world’s highest peaks and mastering Muay Thai in Thailand. And this duo is just getting started.

We Seek Travel provides readers with invaluable travel guides and showcases stunning photography from the world’s most iconic destinations. With his trusty full-frame mirrorless camera, high-tech underwater equipment, and drone, Olly captures unparalleled footage and crafts visual narratives of our planet’s diverse landscapes.

We Seek Travel fosters a community that is rooted in the spirit of adventure. Olly’s vivid stories of personal exploration inspire fellow adventurers to step beyond the familiar and ignite a passion to experience the boundless beauty of our world.

3. Adventures & Sunsets homepage

Image Credit : Google (A&S) is an enchanting travel blog written by Kimmie, a passionate nomad and tour guide who is a perpetual seeker of experience that has traveled to 65 countries. A&S offers invaluable tips from Kimmie’s experiences living, working, and traveling in order to help reader’s navigate their own adventures with the wisdom of a seasoned traveler.

The goal of A&S is to inspire wanderlust in the young at heart and empower them to plan and embark on their dream trips. The blog’s focus on unique and boutique travel experiences is perfect for the Instagram-savvy adventurer who enjoys exploring offbeat paths while discovering perfect photo opportunities and adorable nooks and crannies (all on a budget with the occasional indulgence).

This vibrant travel blog is a testament to the author’s zest for life and serves as your guide to making the most of every trip.

4. Jessie on a Journey homepage

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Jessie believes that life is a journey and her blog, Jessie on a Journey, reflects this. Through her posts, Jessie offers an honest look into the adventures, advice, and detours of your travel blogging best friend. She knows the reality of putting our travel dreams on hold and encourages her readers to start living the life they want now. 

Whether you’re a solo traveler seeking spontaneity, a wanderer in search of more than the typical sightseeing trip, or a blogger dreaming of turning your passion for travel into a profitable lifestyle, Jessie’s blog has something for you. 

5. Adventour Begins homepage

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Adventour Begins is a travel blog managed by Katarina, who worked as a member of the Shore Excursion Staff at the cruise industry giant, Royal Caribbean International. Her priceless experiences in this fast, ever-changing, and growing-like-crazy industry inspired her to write a blog to share her know-how with the world.

Adventour Begins is all about the destinations Katarina has visited and the things to see and do in those places. Her blog offers useful tips and information on cruise jobs and ship life. Regardless of whether you’re a guest or crew member, or simply want to learn about travel destinations, Adventour Begins is the perfect resource for you!

6. Taverna Travels homepage

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Taylor Taverna is a travel enthusiast who has explored over 70 countries and countless cities around the world. As a solo female traveler, she makes traveling a reality for everyone with tips and tricks for budget-friendly adventures. On her blog, Taverna Travels, Taylor shares the best places to stay, spots to eat, and things to do around the world.

Born with travel in her blood, as the daughter of a flight attendant, Taylor started traveling at the young age of seven. She spent summers abroad in Germany at a sleepaway camp. Since then, she has taken every opportunity to see and explore more of our incredible world.

7. Travels With Elle

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Travels With Elle is a travel blog managed by Elle, an off-the-beaten-path adventurer who plans and funds her trips with her own savings. Elle loves hopping on planes to go on trips (no matter the destination or season), experiencing new cultures and foods, as well as meeting new people from all over the world.

Elle’s main goal is to help everyday travelers and adventurers live out their travel dreams without the need for private jets, influencer statuses, or millions of dollars. Her blog makes traveling easy and accessible by sharing her mistakes, hidden gems, trip-planning tricks, and experiences worldwide.

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